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How do Packaging and Labeling Affect Consumer Behavior?

LabelingHow do Packaging and Labeling Affect Consumer Behavior?

Before you can see what’s inside any packaged products, the first two things you’ll undoubtedly notice are the packaging and the labeling. But did you know that these two can affect consumer behavior and, when done right, can convince them to buy your product?

This article will examine how packaging and labeling influence a customer’s buying decision and how some companies excel at this work.

What Is Labeling?

Product labeling is displaying a product’s information on its packaging. Most products’ labels contain their brand, item name, and other relevant information to their consumers.

A product’s label is the first point of contact with its customers. Label printing companies are often tasked with finding creative solutions to present various details such as nutritional facts, allergy warnings, ingredients, etc.

Labeling is not just there to distinguish the product from its competitors. It also serves as a means for the company to communicate the items’ value proposition and advantages to its buyers.

Why Is Labeling Important for You as a Consumer?

Reading the label is essential to consumers because it gives them the information they need to process before deciding whether to buy the product.

They are most useful in food and health products, where the consumer must know about their ingredients and whether they will be allergic to them. Meanwhile, the daily nutritional value chart can help people on a specific diet determine whether the food item aligns with their health goals.

Daily Nutritional Value Chart

Furthermore, labeling helps the consumer compare similar products from different brands. Hence, they can choose which one they perceive has better quality or offers more value for their money.

How Does Consumer Behavior Relate to the Packaging Design?

A product’s packaging design is one element that makes up brand recognition. It’s an integral part of branding, which aims to permeate the brand’s message and product’s benefits to the consumers. Branding also helps you connect with your customers and turns them into loyal and repeat customers once they see that the product delivers all its promises.

Furthermore, a  packaging design can reinforce the buyer’s perception of the product. Elements such as color schemes, fonts, graphics, and texts can help the customer identify your product from other items in your grocery store.

Think of any food product; you will see red, green, or yellow on its package. That’s because these colors are said to have some psychological triggers which we relate to food. Meanwhile, sanitary and health products often have pink and light blue colors for the same reason.

The Ways Product Packaging Can Influence Consumer Behavior

Packaging plays a significant role in swaying consumer behavior in the company’s favor. It’s a marketing tool that businesses must master to remain relevant in their niche or market. Not only does it need to be eye-catching, but it must also have the proper labels to earn the buyer’s trust.

While shopping in grocery stores, consumers have less time to decide. Sometimes, they go for presentable products to catch the eye. Reading a few labels that reflect what they want in the product also convinces them that the product is the right choice

Below are several ways that product packaging can influence buyer’s actions:

Grab Attention Through Unique Design

Your product may have dozens of competitors in the market, which are likely very similar to your item. However, you can cut through your niche with a unique packaging design that can immediately turn heads.

You can play with various elements, such as colors, images, font types, and even the shape of the packaging. It’s also essential that the containers you use are practical for their purpose. Labels and messages that align with the consumer’s needs are also great ways to grab their attention.

Touch on Emotions and Psychological Triggers With Colors

Your packaging presents an excellent opportunity to connect emotionally with your customers. Think of baby products, and you will notice that there’s always a picture of a mother holding her baby. It’s one way for them to connect with the emotions related to motherhood.

Baby Products Packaging

Meanwhile, if a product wants to present itself as premium or vintage, packaging companies use the colors black, gold, or silver. In contrast, green is often linked with growth, wealth, and security. Meanwhile, red is associated with enthusiasm, passion, action, and liveliness.

Provide Answers to Consumer Questions

Buyers often have many questions, especially when it’s the first time they have seen your product. Your product’s labels can help answer these inquiries by adding them to the packaging. If your selling vegan food products, you might want to add the V-Label so they can identify them as vegetarian products.

If your customers are pretty particular with the calorie content of your product, then it might be necessary to put it explicitly on the packaging. Labels such as non-toxic, lab-tested, and all-natural can also address their health and safety concerns.

Reflect the Overall Quality of the Product

There is no excuse for companies not to have excellent packaging and labeling. Aside from the product itself, the packaging is also one of the things customers consider when buying the product. It must be presentable, practical, and durable enough, especially if they are meant for long deliveries.

Furthermore, the packaging also reflects the overall quality of the item inside. It also shows that the company cares enough for its customers.

Retain Functionality and Feel

An item’s packaging is not just a marketing tool; it also must protect what’s inside from outside elements. Aside from dust and oxygen, it must also tolerate things such as sunlight and moisture, which can potentially damage or spoil the product.

The packaging must also have a certain feel to which the consumer can relate. Hence, it must have a theme of concept that combines both practicality and unique style.

Communicate Your Brand’s Values and Vision

Some brands make it big because their products are great and because their buyers share the same values and vision.

The product’s packaging must mention or have a picture of these values so they can connect with their buyers. In short, the package must be engaging and show that the product brings the benefits or goals that the customer wants.


Packaging and labeling are essential for any product to be noticed by its intended consumers. Not only do they affect customer behavior, but they also give information crucial for the buyer to know.


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