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FEMA P-58: Seismic Risk Assessment for Building-Specific Safety

FEMA P-58 is a performance-based methodology designed to assess the seismic risk of buildings. Unlike traditional approaches, which focus on the specific seismic hazard...

How to Optimize SynGas (Synthetic Gas) Production With Precise Gas Analysis

SynGas, short for synthetic gas or syngas, is a versatile and invaluable player in various industrial applications. It serves as a bridge between traditional...

How Elastocaloric Technology Can Revolutionize the Cooling System Industry?

Cooling systems are pivotal in various sectors, from residential and commercial buildings to industrial applications. As the demand for efficient and sustainable cooling solutions...

Role of Performance-Based Engineering Design in Sustainable Urban Development

Sustainable urban development is a pressing need today as cities strive to balance growth with environmental responsibility. Designing and developing socially inclusive, economically vibrant,...

Why Insulation is One of the Best Ways to Prevent Thermal Bridging?

Looking at the ever-increasing energy bills and indoor discomfort, there is a silent actor that often goes unnoticed: thermal bridging. Studies have revealed that...

How Are New Technologies Driving Future of Architectural Visualization

Discover how new technologies like VR, AR, 3D printing, and AI are revolutionizing architectural visualization for immersive design experiences.

The Importance of Permanent Labeling for The Medical Industry

It is estimated that hospitals generate about 176,762.5 kg/year. Labeling for Medical Waste presents an ideal introduction and the necessity for permanency. Without permanent...

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Latest articles

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